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5 Cool Gift Ideas for upcoming summer

Electric Boosted Motorized Skateboard MAX 2 Gift Ideas for College Students Pop Up Tent Waterproof Iphone Case

The summer is around the corner and spring is a great time to get things ready. No matter if you go on vacation or just want to have a short get away with friends, you may find these products very useful.You can buy them for yourself or as gifts for your friends Check our list:

Great product for skateboard lovers:

Fly down the streets with confidence and style on this electric skateboard with remote. On this longboard skateboard cruiser you can reach a max speed of up to 23 mph. It has a range of 16-20, 1000W Single Motor Wireless Remote Controller With COOL 4 Wheel Electric Skateboard Hoverboard  miles once it is fully charged.he Lithium battery is LG 36v.

Pop up tent trending this season:

The MyPod COBO connectable pop up tent lets you watch the game with friends and family side-by-side. Connect as many as you like and have a Pod Party!

Perfect for moms, dads, sports parents, and friends who want to sit on the sidelines and enjoy the game in comfort. The MyPod is perfect for catching all the outdoor sports action including football, soccer, softball, baseball, lacrosse, and field hockey. Enjoy shade from the sun, shelter from the rain. Be There. Weather or not.

Patent-pending design is constructed of durable steel wire, water & wind resistant polyester and cold-treated clear PVC. Sold individually, the non-tapered shape allows for side-by-side placement. Both sides include full zip doors allowing for side-by-side seating. Double-open large zippered door designed conveniently to get in and out.

Waterproof Shirt Always Clean


We love white t-shirts, but they are virtually impossible to keep clean. A single drop of coffee or wine could ruin your t-shirt (and your day) 
So we created a premium Polyester/Spandex Waterproof t-shirt crafted with an advanced hydrophobic nanotechnology application that repels water and dirt.

Waterproof Dry Backpack Boat Bag Swimming Rafting Kayaking

Amazing bag to save your belongings during any trip no matter on kayak or swimming in the cave. It is must have for anyone who loves water activities.

Waterproof lifeproof Ultra Thin iphone

Waterproof IPhone case will protect your IPhone from water and scratches, even if you drop the phone in the water. You can talk while it is raining or snowning without worrying about your phone getting wet.

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