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Car Interior Carpet Seat Cleaner High Pressure Spray Tornado

$39.99 $89.99

This High Intensity Dominating Pressure Washer is the fastest and easiest way to clean all automotive & dirty/unpleasant surfaces. The horned head with brushes can clean and air dries in seconds. It works great for just about any area of a car interior including door jams, leather car upholstery, cup holders, consoles, shifters, door panels, and seat belt retractors, wheel surface and so on. 

Have you ever tried to vacuum or clean your car, but for some reason there were just some spot that seemed unreachable, and no matter how hard you tried it will not just get clean, or even if you managed to get it clean it took you a looonnnggg period of time. Well fret no more, this High Intensity Dominating Pressure Washer is Americas Number One cleaning device, clean your car and or home with ease today and get it spotless in just a matter of minutes if not seconds.


    • 100% new and high quality
    • Water-saving switch, easy to control
    • Fit for most air compressors and air tool
    • Equipped with a brush for easy cleaning narrow gap
    • Using the new tornado bearing rotor design, smaller start-up pressure, speed faster, better-cleaning effect
    • Made from aluminum alloy material, this cleaning gun is very durable in use. Low wear and maintenance, Low air consumption, Low noise emissions
    • Suitable for car upholstery cleaning wool, leather car upholstery, dashboard, steering wheel, door panels, carpet, floor mats, car roof, the surface of the motor, the tire surface, the surface of the wheel
    • It is an advanced cleaning gun designed to enhance the results of cleaners with a unique cyclonic cleaning action. Cleaning with Tornado High-Pressure Washer is easier and faster than small detailing brushes or swabs