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Waterproof Phone Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 7 8 9 S7 S8 S9 Edge

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We know that nowadays it is difficult to survive without our beloved smartphones and we take them everywhere. If you use your phone in dusty or wet environment or go further, you want to take it to the swimming pool, you definitely need waterproof case to protect your valuable Samsung Galaxy. 

This waterproof case provides 2 layers of IP68 underwater protection. With cut outs for taking clear pictures underwater. And durable shockproof outer layer. Get this waterproof Samsung Galaxy Case today, you will be greatfull

 High Quality Cover: Made of a highly-durable plastic and silicone material protects both border and corner of your phone.The transparent front and back galaxy case for camera lenses enable high-quality, high-definition photos and videos.NOTE: please must do WATER TEST to test its waterproof function before putting the case and phone into the water.

  • Anti-Frost, Anti-Dust, Sand-proof,  Waterproof, Screen-touchable
  • Multi-function, perfect when going  surfing, fishing, skiing, swimming, climbing, drifting
  • Waterproof, Qualified for IP-68 Qualified.  Waterproof depth to 2 Meters. Up to 1 Hours under water
  • Make and receive calls, take photos,  send texts, LISTEN TO MUSIC.
  • Protect your phone from damaging by  water splashes and sand getting in cracks and crevices
  • Allows you to access  all functions of your phone .

Waterproof Protective: Our hard case meets IP68 Ingress Protection Rating can offers 360° complete sealed from snow, ice, dirt & dust particles and fully submersible to 6.6 feet (2m) water for 1 hour. Perfect for outdoor swimming, fishing, skiing, kayaking, river tracing, etc.

 Full Function: Precise cutting to fully compatible with galaxy phones. All buttons and controls (touch ID, power key, volume button, camera and charging port) are easy to access just like it normally would without the case.

Ultra light weight case:Ultra light weight Galaxy thin waterproof case, ultra thin but rugged built.Fashionable and unique style make your phone with the case looks smart and decent. Comes with a strip for easy carrying.